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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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you're probably wondering why this is such a big deal. this is such a big deal because it represents the first time in 45 years that the board and the city have funded our own and topping off ceremony at the port of san francisco. and 45 years is a very long time. i resemble that time frame, so you know that it has been a very long time coming. it has been a true citywide effort. i want to run through how important that has been. we have tried many times to get a cruise terminal project going. they started trying back when art agnos was mayor, and this time it finally stuck. i think there is a key. it launched off with an 11- member blue ribbon cruise terminal advisory committee, which was comprised of a lot of very busy and dedicated people who have a passion for having a cruise terminal here in san francisco. the project received key
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endorsements early on from the iowu. metro cruises. several large cruise lines including princess cruises and holland america. input and support from our community and advisory committees. city departments including the department of city planning. numerous regulators including the bay conservation development commission. the state lands commission. the regional water quality control board. corps of engineers. i could go on and on. in the fourth quarter of our quest, something miraculous happened to us and we cannot be more grateful. that is that we got a huge push over the finish line from our partners at the america's cup event authority. thank you so much for that. [applause] i want you to take a good long look at the bones of this facility. the structure is built to last a lifetime. it will last for generations.
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hopefully some day you all well cruise out of here as well as your children and grandchildren. i want you to look at that and feel the pride. mr. mayor, this facility has already won its first award from "cruise insight" magazine for been designed with the most amount of consensus and input. we are extremely proud of that. it was a new category created just for this cruise ship terminal and it cannot be more fitting. this site is really being transformed. the pier 27 facility opened in 1967. it was part of the pier 27, at 29, 31 cargo facility coming out of world war ii and into the global logistics supply chain which had moved to contain theiri -- containerization. as you can see behind me, it is
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long as part of the waterfront, whether it is port property or federal property. it is 1100 square feet. and the ships are headed that way as well. behind us is a brand-new facility which will handle our passengers more efficiently as they come off the bigger ships. our current cruise ship terminal, pier 35 was built in the teens, and it was built for ships that carried 500 passengers. these ships are are tearing up to 5000 passengers which is as many or more than some of the largest hotels here in san francisco. as our bidders' circuit -- visitors are getting off the ship, they will land here at the pier gateway of one of the greatest cities in the world. stand here and think, what would be like to be a first-time visitor to san francisco? you get to see the gorgeous bay, bay bridge, alcatraz, and as you
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turn around, the coit tower and transamerica building. it does not get much better than that. we are really excited and we thank you for your effort. when this project is complete, where all of you are standing will be a 2.5 acre park. it has been planned for over 20 years, so it is very gratifying to be able to move forward on the long-awaited project. thanks to the influence of our partners at the america's cup, at the end of the pier is another new plaza where you will have about 270 degree views, your first use of the ac-72's as they start and finish here. cruise terminals are an interesting facility in that they are designed to be vacant as much as they are designed to be fully impacted. one day it is overflowing and
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the next day there is nobody here. with the help of our blue ribbon committee and partners at san francisco travel, we also designed this area to accommodate the events. we are very proud that our first event here at the pier 27 cruise terminal will be christened by the 34th america's cup as part of the america's cup village. i just want to say thank you again to stephen barkley, larry ellison, for your vision and dedication and partnership for a lot of us to host this year and leave a tremendous legacy for this city and neighborhood. it is my honor to again thank you and all the generations that will be able to participate in your work. i hope you will come back many times and i hope one of those
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times you will actually be a passenger, so welcome, everybody. now it is my honor to introduce a man who needs no introduction, our very own mayor, the honorable ed lee. as you may recall, the mayor has a 17-point jobs plan. we have heard a lot about how he is doing on that plan because it seems weekly he is welcoming a new business to san francisco, and i think it is important that we have a city and mayor embracing people coming into the city, including our visitors. our cruise lines are very appreciative of having the mayor himself be part of that. mr. mayor, this cruise terminal hits 16 of your 17 points. it tracks and grow jobs, it hires san franciscans, it invests in infrastructure jobs, it invests in transportation,
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and it expands tourism and international trade and creates financial stability. it will be named after the late james firman, president of the ilwu, as well as the port commission, most famous and our commission for spending well over one hour of a commission hearing chastising the court staff and other commissioners for not making maritime jobs be the cornerstone of our ports. it is really terrific that you are doing that. i know he would be extraordinarily proud of you. without further ado, please welcome mayor ed lee. >> thank you, monique. thank you for recognizing all of the partners that have been part of this. i would like to reiterate my appreciation to monique, her staff, the partnership with the port commission, their willingness to share in the
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leadership of this with so many agencies, dpw, the rest of the city, in building the consensus implementation phase of this. i also want to reiterate my appreciation. we have talked long and hard about what benefits the america's cup would bring to the city. this is one of the great opportunities where the physical aspect of that promise is more than just talk. the organizing committee, events authority, with your leadership, we can be sure that the promises of economic benefits are real to this city, reflected right here in this moment. has monique said, it is kind of like that gust of wind we will see in the race. this is continuing to be the competition we have in the world. we are in competition with london, shanghai, paris, on
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whether or not we will be that international city that competes at the highest level, for business, attraction, an investor confidence. i want to thank the port. their vision of having a world- class cruise ship liner station right here, which i look forward to in 2014, you and i will be welcoming thousands of passengers with our crew ship terminal. we will look back and say thank you to the designers and everyone else that has gotten us this far. i love these top of ceremonies because all of us want to see whether the delivery is as real as the promises that were made, and this is real. this is one of those topping off ceremonies, like at the general hospital, with our financial partners, whether they be the general public or the
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combined public-private partnership, for a reflection of our implementation of the 10- year capital plan. i know this is very dear to monique. i have had those discussions come as i was a city administrator. even our current city administrator gets in those prolonged discussions on whether we can really deliver on things or not. at the end, we have these moments where we can say we are delivering on those promises. i know this is the third time that we have tried to get a cruise ship terminal to the pork. not only are we finishing that cruise ship terminal which is so now able to future generations, $40 million to protect business every year after this is constructed, 300 ongoing new jobs, but this is also designed with the northeast wharf plaza, another invitation
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to our waterfront. it is so important to our state land, our partners on the waterfront, that we honor the lifelong commitment that we have that a port should bring more people to the waterfront to experience things, and that we have done it in the right way with the right investments. so many reasons to celebrate this moment. again, it is an opportunity to thank everyone involved and to remind folks, when we make a commitment like the 34th america's cup, there is more to it than just the race. it is really the excitement, the economic that can connect with it, and how we're doing it smartly. we are laying out not just the race but the opportunity to share in a world-class event with world class structures with the invitation for more jobs, participation of so many agencies. i also want to thank the general public and all the volunteers,
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all the people that have invested personally as well as their time, that they know this is more than a dream that can be delivered on, if we continue to build the consensus, a focus and i have been trying to do at the board, in the mayor's office, with all of our community partners and agencies. we can get a lot more done if we build consensus around the vision and if we get people's roles intact. i am here to celebrate and think everybody but also to put in perspective, this is another promise delivered. a great partnership that we have. we will put this beam on the top, and how fast is this going up? even as we speak, it is appropriate to hear the banging, the connecting, the welding that is going on.
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we are not allowing anyone to stop our time frame on this because it is about jobs. keeping the promise. men and women in labor, we are honoring them, of course, with the naming of james herman cruise ship terminal. i am so proud of the work of san francisco. now it is their moment in concert with the america's cup, to celebrate this momentous occasion. thank you, everyone for your dedicated leadership. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. it is now my pleasure to introduce supervisor leslie katz. she began at the board of supervisors in 1996. she has chaired six committees, including the land use committee and finance committee. you can imagine how valuable
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her assistance has been to us. she is a senior attorney advocate. please welcome commissioner leslie katz. [applause] >> nothing highlights today more than hearing the list of people that made today possible. as director monique moyer stated, in her thank you's, it went on and on. that is a demonstration of how we do things in san francisco. i also want to thank you and others. i cannot begin to think the court staff for all the hard work they had put and to get us to this day. as a former supervisor, i remember a couple of those failed attempts. it is wonderful to see how far we have come and what is going on behind us. i also want to thank our executive director monique
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moyer, whose stewardship got us to this point. it is no easy task to bring everyone together. of course, turner construction for making sure that we stay on time and budget. the architects as well. i also want to thank mayor lee and borrow a bit of a moniker that has been applied to him. he gets it done. what better example than what we are seeing today. thank you, mayor, for making that a reality. [applause] those of us who knew jimmy herman new habra -- know how proud he would have been to see this. he was one of the people that embody the best of san francisco, bringing people together and making sure that we do things as well as possible, that we create jobs can bring people along as we move forward. this is such a fitting tribute to a man that embodied those goals for all of us. you have heard about all the
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wonderful things here taking place. job creation, we have exceeded goals in terms of local participation. another thing that is near and dear to me is creating a sustainable and green structure. we have done that here with our cruise terminal. it will be the most green cruise terminal, i think, in the world. we recycle the gray water, energy efficiency. i am not sure what kind of leed certification we are going to get, but it is a model of public buildings that such a high standard. on behalf of the port commission, i want to thank everyone that participated, the america's cup of that authority, and everyone that has helped make this a reality. i remember when we tore down the wall, it seems like yesterday, and now we have a structure going up behind it. thank you all very much. [applause] >> thank you, a commissioner.
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next it is my honor to introduce the director of the department of public works muhammed new rule -- nuru. muhammed has dealt with just about every element of public works and streets to you can imagine. mahomet is a landscape architect. he has worked in the u. s, africa, and saudi arabia. he tears numerous committees and interfaces with our local and federal partners on our behalf. we could not have a better person help lead this important project. please welcome mohammad thank you for the great introduction and thank you for being here today. i want to begin by saying how proud i am with the partnership we have with the port authority. we have been working hard to get this project to what you see today.
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there has been a lot of challenges, many agencies mentioned here. i think what is great about it is the leadership that mayor lee has brought to our city where we are now working together, all city agencies, on many of our bond and capital projects, delivering great projects. every week, we go from different neighborhood to another neighborhood and there is some groundbreaking or opening of the project. i am just proud to be part of the city family and the partnership that we have with you, monique. i also want everyone to know that on this project, dpw is providing the project management, the mechanical engineering, and a landscape architect, you heard about the alliance with the park. i want to thank the partnership that we have with turner, knb
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architects, and the rest of the team getting a project this far. as you heard, we are on schedule so far. we do plan on delivering substantial completion of the project in march. today we will be topping. following that is work on the floors and then the curtain wall and then pretty much the structure is all there. we are in a very good place at this moment. this is a special moment. finally, tracking jobs. you have heard from many speakers, we are doing pretty well. the jobs will involve over 1000 jobs. we are already at 182 people that have benefited from the project. thank you, mayor lee, for your vision for jobs for san franciscans on many of these projects. we are also pretty close, 90%, it all the contractors working
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with us. we have exceeded our lbe goals and hiring goals. the jobsi am very happy to be dg the project and i want to assure you the project will be completed on time and we will be able to accommodate those big ships bringing thousands of people to san francisco. thank you for the opportunity to speak. [applause] >> thank you, muhammed, everyone at dpw. my job is really fun. i get to meet some of the most fascinating people around the world. the one that fascinate me the most have to be the one that spend their lives at sea. so i want to reduce next the
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president of metro crew stores. -- cruise tours. he is a sea captain graduate from the arena university in genoa, italy. he has sailed world wide for many years. he has worked for princess cruises and crystal cruises before joining metro services. he has a master captain's license. he is a member of thepeople to . thank you for the opportunity to speak. [applause] >> thank you, u.s. coast guard area maritime security committee. he is also a member of the international cruise line council security. we could not have a better partner. please welcome step in now -- stefano. >> on behalf of metro crews services, a business that has been doing business here since the 1800's, we are so excited to be here today to see this incredibly -- coming an exciting project. as everyone said, san francisco is an incredible city. most of all, in addition to
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that, san francisco is an incredibly deeply rooted maritime city. the waterfront is in san francisco's blood, maybe more than any other city around the world. as a sea captain, i can tell you that. it is an exciting place for a sea captain to sail into and away from. so it deserves, maybe more than any other, a world-class facility that allows us to deliver to customer satisfaction that every guest, quite frankly, expects coming in and out of san francisco, and we will be able to do that. i want to thank one person more than anyone else for this. there is a reason why so many times we have tried guest, quita terminal in san francisco but never got one. that is because monique was not there before. she is here now.
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[applause] it is quite obvious to everyone here what is the fundamental reason of why we are going to get this facility. we are looking forward to record business here. we will get almost 50 calls from princess cruises in 2013- 14, which is our longest and most esteemed partner. that is a record. we have not had as many calls from them, such a large commitment, and certainly not as many guests coming through because of not only the number of a terminal in san francisco but calls but the number of passengers on each of the large ships they will bring in. they will be here, they will bring jobs to our partners around the city. they will bring excitement, they will show san francisco to first-timers' to the city. they will be able to view this and understand what san francisco is all about. most of all, they will do that in style because of the new facilities that are being built.
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thank you to all of our partners. we are excited to be here today. we look forward to the future. it is an incredibly new facility. thank you to everyone here today. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you for the personal complement. next, it is my honor to introduce the general manager of turner construction san francisco and oakland operations. turner construction is the nation's leading general builder. they do about $800 million each year of construction here in the bay area. turner and 13 have been phenomenal. they have hit the ground running. we have thrown challenge after challenge at them. they have had a terrific, open attitude about it.
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he leads an excellent team whose unique experiences have really helped us to problem solve. one of the things i am most proud of them doing is, this steel behind me is american steel, produced in arkansas and indiana, shipped to san leandro and fresno for assembly, and put in place. you can see them all around. i hope you will stay around and say hello and congratulate them for being our partner as well. [applause] >> thank you. this is an exciting day to day. it is an exciting time american . as part of the construction industry, i can tell you there are some fabulous projects going on in the city, and planned. hats off to the political leadership and industry leadership. with the jobs that are created, the opportunities created are fabulous. let me focus on something that is even more unique to this
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project, from our perspective. for us, not only is the completion of the project important, but also the journey. our customers are the people that we take with us. i remember at the port commission the contract was approved and i talked about the journey that we would have. the people from turner that helped with the journey, seven years ago, i could not say when i'm about to say. one of the reason this is a success is because of the vision of the project. . as part ofcindy is a dpw projec. that is our customer. tina smith, our senior project manager. madison, one of our engineers. nicole. she is one of our engineers. manny is a superintendent.
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seven people on the job running the show, five of them are women. two of them, denis and pete, they are still men. we will see. thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to the ribbon-cutting. [applause] >> thank you very much for noticing that and mentioning to all of us. it is my pleasure to tell you that i have the only all-woman port commission out of all four conditions in the united states. you have come to the right place. mr. mayor, it is finally time. please do the honors.
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